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THERMOSHOCK ‘00’®, patented by Thermoshoe, comes from an innovative concept: it is a stable thermoplastic material with unique characteristics which make it suitable for the most diverse applications. Commonly known as GEL, Thermoshock guarantees greater absorption of impact even at very slim thicknesses, with Shore A hardness of practically ‘0’ and an elongation at break of 1100. NILIT BREEZE YARN •The yarn gives flexibility and softness to the end product •The transversal section, similar to that of cotton, gives it elasticity and a sensation of comfort •The use of a completely smooth polymer produces a soft touch and provides special ventilation SEAMLESS Tubular knitting technology reduces seams to a minimum and offers great comfort and breathability, not to mention ergonomic wearability and a sporty design. FLEXIBILITY The pads have been made following ergonomic criteria and thanks to high-frequency welding they guarantee a closer fit and flexibility of movement during all stages of play.